The quickest and easiest way to access your test results is via the NHS APP or by logging in to your SystmOnline account. 

If you do not have access to either of these services, please pop in to the surgery and our reception team will be happy to help you sign up.

You are welcome to use AskMyGP or call the practice after 10:00 to enquire about your test results as our staff will have more time to help you at this time.

The results are usually available one week after your test and we will normally only contact you if they need repeating/further investigation. We do not tend to contact you if the results are normal, but if you are worried still about an ongoing problem then please get back in touch.

If you have tests at a Hospital at the request of a consultant you will need to speak directly to them for these. Will will not provide you with this information. 

On average, please allow 7 working days for your test results to come back. Please be aware that results of blood tests requested by the hospital will not be returned to us. Unfortunately, sometimes, we cannot always give you full results over the phone. If the result is complicated, or if the doctor wants to discuss the results with you, we will send you a text message asking you to get in touch with us, usually via AskMyGP. Please remember it is your responsibility to check your results are back and make any necessary follow-up arrangements.

Please note that we do have a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection.  In this respect we will only give out results to the person they relate to unless that person has given prior permission for their release or if they are not capable of understanding them.

Tests performed at hospitals such as x-rays & ultrasounds can often take up to 30 days for results to be sent to us. Unfortunately, we cannot control how long it takes for these results to come back to us.

Once a clinician has reviewed the results of the test, we will usually send you a text to get in touch with us via AskMyGP to discuss the results. If results are normal, we cannot always get in touch so again, please remember it is your responsibility to check your results are back.