Using askmyGP is quick and simple.

Once askmyGP has been accessed online, either on a mobile phone, tablet or computer, patients can search for self-help or go straight to completing a simple questionnaire and sending a message to the surgery seeking advice.

Surgery staff will then look through the responses and take action appropriately, responding to patients via askmyGP with either a solution to the problem or next steps (e.g. please call the surgery to speak to a doctor). Patients must have an e-mail address and contact telephone number to use askmyGP.

Horncastle Medical Group started using AskMyGP to offer patients another way of accessing GP care, alongside visiting the practice and calling on the phone.

Historically, the surgery ‘lost’ a substantial number of GP appointments due to patients not attending, costing the surgery hours of missed appointments, so AskMyGP was introduced to provide another channel of communication between patients and the surgery.

As well as making the surgery more accessible to patients, the introduction of AskMyGP was intended to lower the number of appointments missed due to limited communication options between patients and the surgery.

AskMyGP is not suitable for use in emergencies. Call 999 in the event of an emergency.

You will need to access AskMyGP online.

You can use any smartphone or any computer. Just enter your details and your problem, medical or any other question, you can even upload photos if you wish. You can name your own preferred GP if you wish to. You can seek help for your child or someone you care for as long as the patient is registered with the practice.

AskmyGP saves you having to ring up, and there’s never a queue online. We will normally respond within the hour, within normal working hours.

To use AskMyGP, you must either be a registered patient at Horncastle Medical Group or using it on behalf of a registered patient. Please contact the practice if you would like a patient online registration form.